O.P. Allen Funeral Directors


Final Arrangements

Commemorating a loved one’s life journey can be very difficult. The professionals at O.P. Allen Funeral Directors empathize with you and your family and are highly attuned to your needs. You can depend on us to alleviate the stress of funeral planning. We will positively guide you whether it is burial or cremation and support you along the way.

Pre-Need Planning/Arrangement

Financing and planning your funeral and/or memorial services ensures that your personal wishes are fulfilled. From your flower choices to casket choice to funeral attire and programs, we assist you in planning every fine detail of your service. It also helps to ease the emotional burden of your loved ones and allows them to celebrate your memory. Finance and create your own memory today. Be sure to ask about The Family Indemnity Plan.

Memorial Services

Let O.P. Funeral Directors help you commemorate the life of your dearly departed with a distinguished, one-of-a-kind service. This service can be facilitated weeks, months, 40 days or years after the departure of your loved one. We are here to assist and guide you at any time. Let us help you plan the Remembrance of a Lifetime. Let us assist you with your special memorial for your loved one.

Floral Arrangements

Floral Tributes

We employ highly skilled floral designers to arrange traditional and modern wreaths, sprays and arrangements. Our floral displays will exceed your expectations. Let us send your floral tributes.


Your home will always be the place for which you feel the deepest affection, no matter where you are. For some families repatriation to the twin island of Trinidad and Tobago is the last wish of their loved one. O.P. Funeral Directors has connections with trusted funeral service providers all over the world, and can repatriate your loved one to and from anywhere around the world. Allow our professional staff assist you in achieving peace of mind.

Concierge Services

O.P. Funeral Directors offers a wide range of services. No request is considered too big or too small. We strive to make the seemingly impossible possible.

Food and beverage service Musical and video arrangements Customised tributes Personalised momentos Travel and lodging

Visitation Room

A visitation with your loved one can help greatly with the grieving process.

Our Chapel

Our well appointed chapel provides an intimate retreat for the perfect send off.

Grief Counseling

The death of a loved one can trigger many different emotions. From sadness to regret to anger, grief can manifest in many forms.