O.P. Allen Funeral Directors

Making funeral arrangements can be overwhelming and many questions may come to mind. The professionals at O.P. Funeral Directors are a phone call away to answer every and any question you may need answered.

Answers to Common Questions

The funeral grant is $7500.00. In order to access the funeral grant your loved one must have had 25 weekly contributions in he/she lifetime. That is, must have paid their NIS contribution for at least 6 months.

There are many options available, cremains can be kept in the home, scattered in your loved one’s garden, scattered at sea and lots more.

The cost of an average funeral varies depending on the families budget. Because we are attuned to the needs of our families we offer funeral packages to accommodate every pocket.

Dressing of a loved is usually done for religious purposes and is accommodated. However, dressing your loved one can be traumatic; therefore, we encourage our families to allow us to do the dressing after which they are invited to visit with their loved one.

Embalming is necessary to slow down decomposition. It is especially necessary when there is a long time between death and interment/cremation.

Embalming is the art and science of preserving human remains by injecting with chemicals to slow down the decomposition process.